A lot of questions have been asked about what impacts COVID-19 will have on your orders, the wellbeing of our staff, and what we’re doing to help the community. To answer all of your questions we have created FAQs below.


Is Elissa & Stef business as usual?

Yes. Our management team are following all the latest government guidelines and advice for business operations, and we are constantly checking for updates and changes which may impact our business operations. All of our staff are working from home and following the current safety guidelines proposed by the government.

All updates will be communicated through our social media and on our website.



Will I still be able to order and how long will the delivery time be?

Yes, you are still able to order from our site, we are still delivering globally and are constantly monitoring updates from our partners. All orders placed will be delivered via Royal Mail, which due to the crisis may increase delivery times significantly. This is due to the travel restrictions at this time which have drastically reduced transportation capacity causing disruption for Royal Mail. Please be patient with us and the postal services during this time and allow extra time for your package to arrive.

What do I do if I want to return an item?

We understand that people will be self-isolating during this time and that many of you simply don’t have the time due to family/work commitments. This is why we have extended our Returns & Exchange duration from 14 days to 30 days from the date of purchase, starting from 23rd March 2020.


What is Elissa & Stef doing to support our Fearless Community during this time?

We are hoping that these difficult times will come to an end soon. However, the team will continue to create inspirational content and advice on how to stay healthy, safe and motivated. Please go to our social media pages for all motivational content during this time: @elissastef

Please also refer to our COVID-19 page to see in depth what we’re doing to support our community during this time.


If you have any other questions not addressed on this page, please email and we will do our best to help.