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  • #OYS Q&A with Brand Ambassador Phoebe!

    With our #OYS Campaign soon entering its final stretch, we decided to come up with an interactive Q&A to ask all our fave summer idols about wh...
  • Healthy Sweet and Sour!

    One of the Nation's favourite Asian dishes, sweet and sour can seem intimidating to cook at home. Rather than phoning your local takeaway for a qu...
  • Being A Woman Who Supports Other Women: Steps To Empowerment

    Strong, Fearless, Beautiful! Here at Elissa & Stef we believe that being a woman who empowers other women should be at the top of our to-do-li...
  • Sustainability Update: Are we on track for our 2021 Promise?

    Sweat it out both stylishly and sustainably. Elissa & Stef have a 60% sustainability promise to fulfil by 2021 and we decided to review our pro...
  • Eat Well With Elissa & Stef: Super Green Juice

      Breakfast doesn’t always have to be a heavy meal. As long as you start the day with the right nutrients then you’re all set. If you’re more of a...
  • Achieve your Summer Body Goals with #OYS

    ‘Own Your Summer’ and take charge of your summer body in your own unique way. Although staying fit and active seems a lot more difficult at home, t...
  • Eat Well with Elissa & Stef: Sourdough Stack

    Sourdough Stack:  A filling breakfast option to keep you satisfied until lunch without the need for a snack. Combining a variety of food groups and...
  • #OYS - Making the most of your local area

    Your surroundings play a massive role in ‘Owning Your Summer’. Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a suburban family home, finding new r...
  • Pre-Orders and Body Positivity

    Seamless Confidence and Agility = Effective Workouts and Body Positivity.

    Elissa & Stef’s Agile Set gives you the confidence and flare to reach your fitness goals in style and the best part is, it’s available to pre-order now!

  • Eat Well with Elissa & Stef: Superfood Smoothie Bowl

    Breakfast is often dubbed the ‘most important meal of the day’ and this light and healthy Smoothie bowl is packed with antioxidants and fresh fruits. The perfect cooling and refreshing dish to eat before a workout or on a particularly hot day.
  • Own Your Summer #OYS

    Say hello to road trips, beach days, BBQ’S and innovative, motivating summer fun. Regardless of the ‘new normal’, Elissa & Stef are strongly urging you to Own Your Summer (#OYS) in your own personal way with our new Own Your Summer Campaign. 
  • Pride Month Roundup: Elissa & Stef’s LGBTQ+ Role Models

    With one week left of Pride Month, Elissa & Stef have decided to shed light on some of the instrumental influencers defining the LGBT+ movement within our modern and constantly evolving society. Whether they use social media to spread their personal message, express their identity through fashion and makeup, or define a generation’s ideas through writing and visual arts, we believe that these icons should bask in their spotlight not just this month, but every month.