Your Food Mood: The Results Are In!

This week over on our Instagram account Elissa & Stef played the "What's Your Food Mood!" game and after much deliberation - the results are in!

By now I'm sure our readers are familiar with our weekly 'Eat Well With Elissa & Stef' series and this week we decided to spice it up by getting our audience's take on what 'Eat Well' means to them. Our interactive poll allowed E&S gals to choose between Sweet and Savoury or Breakfast and Dinner and this weeks blog post will give you some hints, tips and inspiration, whatever your 'Food Mood' may be. 

Question 1 - Are you a... Sweet Queen or Savoury Sista

Ok so it looks like our E&S girls are Savoury Sistas. Some healthy savoury snacks include Nuts and Seeds which are great for on the go, Veggie chips which can be made by roasting thin slices of your favourite green veggies, and Popcorn (much healthier than crisps but with the same salted crunch that we all crave). If you do love a packet of crisps every now and then, we suggest that you quell your savoury cravings with some corn chips rather than the traditional potato crisp! 

Question 2 - Do you prefer... Juicy Fruits or Fresh Vegetables 

It looks like you were all feeling fruity when you gave us your Food Mood answers and these tips are pretty self explanatory. If summer for you means fresh fruit platters, then the fruits that are in season right now include: Apricots, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries and Tomatoes. It's always better to go with the fruits that are in season to ensure they are fresh and ripe - perfect for your picnics in the park.

Question 3 - Your big meal should be... A Big Breakfast or An Indulgent Dinner

So unsurprisingly, almost all of you said that an Indulgent Dinner is your big meal of the day and we can't blame you. If you love giving yourself a treat at the end of the day, but hate the guilt, then make sure you have a smaller and less filling breakfast and lunch and then go all out at dinner time. Make sure you have a balanced plate with a mix of veg, protein, carbs and a good sauce or seasoning to spice it up - the perfect dinner. 

Question 4 - Your Protein Comes From... Bars and Shakes or Natural Sources

Your Food Mood swayed in favour of Natural Protein Sources over the bars and shakes that are so popular on the health market at the minute. If you'd rather incorporate your protein naturally, then the best sources are: lean meats such as beef or pork, poultry such as chicken, fish and seafood, and finally eggs and dairy products such as milk and yoghurt. Seeds, nuts and beans are also great to add in to your diet for natural protein. 

Question 5 - Workout food? Pre-Gym Boost Snack or Post-Gym Recovery Food 

When it comes to tailoring your diet to fit your workout/gym regime, most of you said you'd prefer to have a Post-Gym Recovery snack. Exercising makes you hungrier in general as you are using up your energy whilst you burn those pesky calories. If you prefer to treat yo self to a little snack when you've finished then we recommend smoothies (see our previous blog posts for some recipes), protein popcorn, apple slices with peanut butter and hummus with pita bread. 

Question 6 - Finally... Fresh Icy Juices or Soothing Hot Tea

Finally, with it being summer we weren't shocked that you all opted for Fresh Icy Juices! Now the best way to stay balanced and healthy when drinking a juice is to make your own. If you invest in a nutri-bullet or similar food processor, then you can chuck just about anything you fancy inside and enjoy your own fresh juices on a hot day. 

So there we have it, your Food Mood summarised in a blog post. Make sure you head back to the E&S Blog next Thursday for another instalment of Eat Well with Elissa & Stef x


Author: Ellie-Jo Johnstone (Editor of E&S Blog)




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