Sustainability Update: Are we on track for our 2021 Promise?

Sweat it out both stylishly and sustainably. Elissa & Stef have a 60% sustainability promise to fulfil by 2021 and we decided to review our production process and brand ethics in order to see how far we’ve come, but to also emphasise what we’ve got left to achieve.


In a world full of fast fashion and next day deliveries, E&S wants to make sure that our active wear is on trend and motivating, but also sustainably sourced, packaged and shipped to our customers. This weeks’ Q&A with E&S’s Owner shows how we’re working towards that 60% promise!


DESIGN – the initial step


Is most of your design process carried out virtually using computers and software rather than paper?

Yes, our designs are done using CAD and Adobe.


Are designers all aware of your sustainability goal? (This ensures that they choose fabrics, dyes, fastenings and finishes with the sustainable goal in mind)


This has not been fully communicated with the current designers, but the brand is working on a design sustainability policy to share with our designers.


MATERIALS – sourcing and foraging


Are the materials used ethically sourced? 

Yes, for our last fearless and agile collection, but there is still more to be done 


Do you buy materials from local/ national suppliers when possible in order to reduce carbon emissions during the sourcing process?

Yes, our parcel bags are sourced locally and are 100% recyclable 


Do the materials used ensure that the garment is durable and long lasting as this reduces the cost per wear for each consumer?

Yes, we use high quality fabrics and yarns for our products 


MANUFACTURE – the making part


Will an office space be used in the wintertime in order to reduce the amount of gas, electric and heating that is used when employees are working from home?

Yes, the office space usage will be reduced to 40% during the winter months 


Do the factories that you work with also share the same/similar sustainability goals?

Yes, the factories we work with have shared their sustainability certifications but not their own goals, this is something we are still working on.   


DISTRIBUTION – getting it out there


Your products are shipped using eco-friendly distribution bags, but do factories and wholesalers also send their products in eco-friendly packaging?

Not yet, we are working on getting new distribution sources that do!  


Are goods shipped as and when they are ordered, or do you have a set day each week to send products in order to reduce the number of trips to the post office?

Yes goods are shipped when they are ordered as this ensures that the customer is satisfied with their delivery arrival date.


Do customers have to pay for shipping and packaging in order to cover the cost of using more sustainable packaging?



Do you have a set parcel delivery service that you use frequently in order to build a rapport and ensure that they also share your sustainable goals?

We are working on getting this organised and working with a company with similar goals


CONSUMER & END OF LIFE – what we need to work on


Have you ever engaged/ communicated with customers personally to see how often they wear the products, whether the sustainable fabrics are effective etc?

No – but this is a great idea!


Are consumers aware of the brand’s sustainable goals from the moment they visit the website/ view the products?



Do you provide customers with information / an incentive to recycle or give their goods to charity when finished with?



So, our 2021 promise, albeit a work in progress, is starting to come together at each stage of production. There are hundreds of questions to ask or answer but filling in this Q&A was a great way to reflect upon Elissa & Stef’s sustainability journey.


Keep updated via our blog and social media channels and follow us on our journey to a Sustainable and stylish future.


Author: Ellie-Jo Johnstone (E&S Blog Editor)


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