Summer’s Final Stretch - How To Make It Count

Sun, Fun & Getting Things Done! As we enter the month of August and the final weeks of summer slowly creep up on us, it’s important now more than ever to make the most of the weather, the academic holidays and long lazy days in the park. 
The last leg of our summer should be inspiring, energetic and packed full of all those little things we were deprived of in lockdown. This week Elissa & Stef want to offer you some tips and ideas for making the month amazing.
Staycations (or maybe even a vacation)
Many of us had said bye bye to airports, retreats and hotel visits, but with restrictions easing slightly and the hope that British weather will pull through, now is the time to embrace the beaches, cities and getaways in our own countries. If you love a hike and some good scenery then take a road trip to the Scottish highlands. If you’re more of a city slicker then hop on a train and visit a city you’ve never seen before such as York or Liverpool. Also, with other countries welcome tourists and destinations being added to the safe-zone, you could also use August as a time to see new places whether they’re in Britain or overseas. Please do remember to travel consciously though. 
Plan and Organise
For many, August is the final 4 weeks before going back to school or university, so it’s the perfect time to set yourself some goals for your first term back or plan your life before it gets all hectic again . Organise your wardrobe , create a new work schedule or plan some fun activities for the autumn/winter months.  Anything to make you feel organised and on top of your life is a productive use of your summer climax. See September as not only the start of a new season, but also a new chapter, and one that can be structured yet exciting if you use your August wisely. 
Take time off 
Yes being productive and organised or planning a staycation with friends can be fun, but it’s also important to take time off sometimes. If you’ve worked your way through lockdown and stressed over the new normal, use August as a means to take a break. This break doesn’t have to be filled with plans and productivity, instead it could consist of 7 whole days binging Netflix and napping if you’re tired. It’s just as important to take a step back and slow down as it is to get on top of your life and goals. If you normally take a week off to travel to a beach resort and sip cocktails, then still take the time to treat yo self!
Self care & improvement
A month, although only 4 weeks, is a significant amount of time. A 4 week ab workout plan or a 4 week healthy diet cleanse can make a massive difference. Trying out a new skincare routine or experimenting with your exercise regime can both be achieved within that month-long period. Starting on the 1st of August and giving yourself until the 31st to adapt and change to your new/experimental habits gives you long enough to figure out if something really works for you. It’s also a great motivator if you set yourself a goal e.g. I’ll be able to run 5k in 30 mins by the end of the month, and tracking your progress from the start to the end is so uplifting. 
Although this summer has been so different from any other that most of us have experienced in their lifetime, this gives us even more of a reason to sit back and reflect. If you’ve written a lockdown diary or saved all your photographs from the last 2 months, have a look back and reflect on how you used your time. There are things we’d have loved and things we wish we could’ve done better, but all of this reminiscing will help you make next summer even bigger and better than this one has been! 
So there you have it, the final act of summer doesn’t have to be a bow-out and goodbye. There are still endless opportunities in the coming 31-day period and nothing is impossible.
Send us your own August plans and tips so that we can share them with our audience and help inspire others to ensure that Summer’s Final Stretch is a good one. 


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