Pre-Orders and Body Positivity

Seamless Confidence and Agility = Effective Workouts and Body Positivity. 

Elissa & Stef’s Agile Set gives you the confidence and flare to reach your fitness goals in style and the best part is, it’s available to pre-order now!

Looking good is a key component of feeling good and with 54% of gym-goers preferring to work out in front of a mirror, we should have the confidence to dress well and feel empowered even as we sweat it out at the gym or in the back garden. 

Feeling conscious and wary of your appearance is something that many of us have experienced in our day to day life, but investing in good quality, flattering activewear can drastically enhance our gym sessions. Giving us the confidence to focus on our calorie burning and strength building, the E&S Agile Set has you feeling motivated and assertive at all times. 

The seamless fabric, trend-setting colour block design and supportive fit ensure that the Agile Set is versatile and appropriate for all body shapes and sizes. The leggings and sports-bra combo are perfect when paired together for that co-ordinated look, but if you prefer an oversized top with your figure-hugging leggings, then the sports bra works well under alternative work out tops as it adds that extra level of support during intense HIIT sessions or yoga classes.

Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because you’re working out, in fact, in Northern Ireland, 85% of people said it is important to look good while working out as it is one less thing to worry about as you strive to achieve your fitness goals. 

In the same way that a new dress can get you all excited about that long-awaited night out with the girls, a new gym set gets you pumped and driven for your next work out session. Body Positivity should be the main goal regardless of your own personal fitness regime and loving the skin you’re in becomes much easier when your activewear flatters your body type and allows you to move freely and effectively. 

The Agile Set is now available to pre-order via our mailing list and website!

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Author: Ellie-Jo  (Editor for E&S Blog)


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