#OYS Q&A with dreamy model Kat Searle

For our second 'Own Your Summer' Q&A we spoke with Nemesis Models babe Kat Searle about her ideal workout outfit, her tips for feeling confident and happy in your own skin and our classic 'this or that' questions to round off her interview.  

So Kat, what kickstarted your modelling journey? Have you always loved
being behind the camera?
I guess my story might be similar to a lot of other girls. I had always wanted to be a model and I loved to watch modelling shows; I'd be 8 years old and convinced I could out model these gorgeous women, and I'd always be practicing my walk either from front door to kitchen or down the isles of Tesco. 
Although I love performing and being onstage, being behind a professional's camera was a completely different kind of experience for me, it's been great to see my confidence progress so much since my first test shoot where I was so clueless!
When it comes to your exercise/ fitness routine, do you like to repeat
the same workouts or do you spice it up each week?
I personally can't stand really repetitive workouts. I have tried, but I can't! Especially since being restricted to home workouts I need to mix it up even more, changing it up so I don't lose focus or motivation. I do a mixture of yoga, pilates, and some ballet barre. I'll spend around 45 mins to 2.5 hours in a session, if the sun's out then I'll really enjoy a long yoga practice.
Describe your ideal workout outfit!
My ideal workout outfit would be: a nice fitting pair of shorts - that sits nicely on the waist but isn't too high-waisted - and a supportive but breathable sports bra. I like to feel as little restriction and as light as possible. When the weather gets cooler then I like to chuck on some really baggy baggies until I'm warmed up.
When you think of summer, what words spring to mind immediately?
Top words that spring to mind when I think of summer are: pollen! (a love hate relationship because I love the flowers but they hate me), ocean (which I've been missing a lot this summer) and freedom most of all.
So the #OYS Campaign is all about feeling confident and motivated, do
you have any of your own tips/advice on feeling confident this summer
Sometimes you need a moment to take a step back and remember how incredible you actually are! It's about letting go of the negative, damaging thoughts that we allow unnecessarily occupy our minds. While we might not be able to control the thoughts that come in, we can control how much you want to focus on them. Thoughts aren't facts and most of the time they aren't even relevant. So own who you are and live a life you won't regret. It's a process.
What is on the top of your to do list this summer?
At the start of summer I was desperate to go on holiday abroad, but now that I'm able to, I actually just want to see all of my favourite people that I haven't been able to see for so long and make the most of the English sun while it's actually here. 
Finally, who do you look to for inspiration and motivation? (This can be
anyone from an iconic celeb to an insta influencer or a family member)
I'm so lucky to be surrounded by amazing and successful friends in all sorts of fields. They all motivate me to be my best self. It's so important to have supportive people in your life who challenge and push you towards your goals.
Quick Fire Round 3...2...1...GO!
Beach or Park? Beach
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset
Smoothies or Cocktails? Cocktails
Long Hike or HIIT training? Long Hike!!
City Break or Countryside Retreat? Countryside Retreat (although outside of the UK I'm the opposite and I love a city break)
One Piece or Bikini? Bikini
Sun-Catcher or Shade Worshipper? Sun-Catcher
Swimming Pool or Ocean? Swimming Pool
Beachy Waves or Dewy Summer Skin? Dewy Summer Skin
Check out Kat's instagram @freckleface_5000 - we already know big things are heading her way!
Also stay tuned on the E&S blog for some more #OYS content as we head into the final month of summer
Author: Ellie-Jo Johnstone (E&S Blog Editor)


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