#OYS Q&A with Brand Ambassador Phoebe!

With our #OYS Campaign soon entering its final stretch, we decided to come up with an interactive Q&A to ask all our fave summer idols about what 'Own Your Summer' means to them.

This weeks interview is with Phoebe, our brand ambassador and an integral member of the Elissa & Stef team. Read on for her fitness tips, summer inspo and some fun this or that questions!

So Phoebe, what kickstarted your passion for fitness? Have you always loved working out?

Yeah! Mainly stemmed from finishing my dancing and my sister's influence. After dancing I needed to keep fit in another way so I started to join my sister running which I kept up and the HIIT workouts she did for herself. This kick started me trying to keep up with these workouts 3-4 times a week which makes me feel really good about myself and boosts my confidence a lot. So yeah, I do enjoy working out however I more enjoy the feeling I gain afterwards.

When it comes to your exercise routine, do you like to repeat the same routines or do you spice it up each week?

I always stick to HIIT workouts as I find doing short, intense workouts gets it over with faster therefore I can get it out the way in the morning and then continue with my daily jobs. But they also make you feel like you have benefited majorly from it being so intense. I do run to switch it up a bit so I am not doing HIIT workouts all the time, I also sometimes follow ‘The Body Coach’ following his ab workouts.

Describe your ideal workout outfit!

The classic sports bra and tight leggings with a breathable waistband. Since having the Elissa & Stef’s Fearless pink set, I love working out in it as its amazing quality for stretching and it also makes me feel confident about my body before I have even started to work out.

When you think of summer, what words spring to mind immediately? 

Colour - yellow and orange

Freedom - late nights

Glowing - my skin, hair, my positivity (sun makes everything better)

Music - Calvin Harris? Is that weird 

So the #OYS Campaign is all about feeling confident and motivated, do you have any of your own tips/advice on feeling confident this summer season? 


Despite lockdown, it was a time to really focus on myself and my workouts which in turn made me feel really confident. Even eating healthier and actually having time to have a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner - little things like these does really make you feel like an overall happier person.

Despite being restricted to go on holiday it's a time to experience what you have on your front door step if either that's the beach or the countryside - use lockdown as a time to spend your holiday closer to home which doesn't happen often. Make use of everything around you or even a road trip to places close to home you haven't even been before - we will probably never get this chance again!

What is on the top of your to do list this summer?

I really want to take a road trip to a place not too far away from me but where I have never been before or had a chance too - either a waterfall or a secret beach.

I also want to use this summer as a glow up and focus on myself before everything  opens back up again 

Finally, who do you look to for inspiration and motivation? 

My favourite influencer - Stephanie Joshie i.e. NuttyFoodieFitness : she is ultimate goals and spreads positivity all throughout her platforms. I also watch youtubers i.e. Saffron Barker who is my age and she's always motivated, does workout live streams following other fitness influencers and is always smiling and being positively productive :)

Time for a quick-fire round!

Beach or Park? Beach

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunsets

Smoothies or Cocktails? Cocktails all the way

Long Hike or HIIT training? HIIT training because it's faster

City Break or Countryside Retreat? Countryside Retreat

One Piece or Bikini? One Piece because I think there are nicer styles

Sun-Catcher or Shade Worshipper? Sun Catcher

Swimming Pool or Ocean? Ocean

Beachy Waves or Dewy Summer Skin? Both? 

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog each week for our #OYS Q&A posts. You too can get involved by answering the questions yourself and tagging us in your answers on social media! 


Author: Ellie-Jo Johnstone






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