#OYS - Making the most of your local area

Your surroundings play a massive role in ‘Owning Your Summer’. Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a suburban family home, finding new run routes, supporting local businesses and reducing your carbon footprint by exploring what’s right on your doorstep is a positive way to make sure your summer is still filled with energy and variety. Read on for some of Elissa & Stef’s top tips on ‘owning it’ wherever you live!


 Switch it up! If you usually take a trip into your nearest city for food and drinks with friends, try something new and find a local takeaway café or juice bar that you can all walk to! Supporting a local businesses effort to stay thriving makes you a more conscious consumer.


 Stay active! Swap your usual commute to work with a daily walk and wake up as you would normally for an office-based working day. Whilst working from home, still give yourself a journey to work and walk around the block before sitting at your home desk all day. Taking in what is within walking distance can give you a fresh and energised mindset, reigniting your motivation for a productive working day.


 Stay Curious! You may think that you know every walk route and sight that your local area has to offer. You’ll be surprised if you spend some time researching what the places on your doorstep have to offer. The local parks, lakes, beaches, restaurants and bars are endless so avoid going to your regular spots and go out to explore and try something/somewhere new!


 One way to ‘Own Your Summer’ #OYS is to make the most of what you’ve got already. Summer means fun, energy, confidence and being fearless, so don’t assume that you have to travel abroad or drive for hours to do just that. Switch it up, Stay Active and Stay Curious.  




Author: Ellie-Jo (Editor for E&S Blog)


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