Own Your Summer #OYS

Say hello to road trips, beach days, BBQ’S and innovative, motivating summer fun. Regardless of the ‘new normal’, Elissa & Stef are strongly urging you to Own Your Summer (#OYS) in your own personal way with our new Own Your Summer Campaign.                                                                                                               ‘Owning it’ can mean creating and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and fitness regime, making the most of time with your family and friends, taking advantage of the simpler days out or finally saving the money to purchase your retail Wishlist. This month on the blog as part of our #OYS Campaign we are highlighting ways to ‘own it’ this summer and feel inspired and empowered despite the uncertain circumstances.

Our Own Your Summer (#OYS) Campaign is all about finding your own ways to feel fulfilled and driven. Together we can collectively encourage everyone to take part in the Own Your Summer Campaign and sharing your own tips whilst following some of our own will ensure that this month we are all working towards #OYS together. Use the #OYS hashtag on Instagram and TikTok to share your own tips and Elissa & Stef will share our favourites on our own account.




Author: Ellie-Jo



 (Editor for E&S Blog)


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