Achieve your Summer Body Goals with #OYS

‘Own Your Summer’ and take charge of your summer body in your own unique way. Although staying fit and active seems a lot more difficult at home, the huge range of online workouts, yoga routines and healthy recipes are right there waiting to be tried and tested.

 You have the power to ensure that you still reach your summer body goals even without professional equipment and although the re-opening of gyms is in sight, make the return a little easier by doing that HIIT workout or YouTube Pilates class. 

 Switch It Up!

One benefit of the gym is the huge variety of equipment and classes. However; being at home/ in your local area doesn’t mean that variety is a thing of the past – if anything there are even more ways to ‘Own It’. To ensure that you keep your home workouts diverse and fun, make your own gym class schedule. Mondays might be hike day and Thursdays might be HIIT day and whatever timetable you come up with, share it with friends so that you can send each other reminders. Also, switch it up by working out in different locations and spaces in your local area.

 Treat Yo Self!

New active wear or equipment is the perfect way to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. The new Agile Set is available to pre-order and the #OYS drop will also be jam packed with exciting, trendy gym wear to give you a little push to do that extra rep. See our last blog post on the importance of body confidence and feeling #Fearless at the gym and maybe even buy yourself a new resistance band or yoga mat to get that gym feel in your living room.

 Stay Social!

For some, going to the gym is a social activity. Working out with friends or around other motivated ‘gym bunnies’ can keep your energy levels up as you all strive for the same goal. In order to Own Your Summer, share the fitness calendar you create in your group chat or workout with each other via FaceTime. Exercising with others is great both socially and physically as you push each other to achieve your goals. So, stay social and summer ready despite not being able to go back to the gym just yet.

The Elissa & Stef Pinterest account is a great way to find some accessible online workouts that don’t require any expensive equipment.  If you choose your leg day, arm day and abs day wisely you can create your very own Personal Trainer experience at home.

We also have a healthy foods mood board and the weekly recipes that we add to our blog every Thursday are another great source of inspiration!

Author: Ellie-Jo Johnstone (Editor for E&S Blog)




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