10 Tips on Being Yourself Fearlessly

At Elissa & Stef we incorporate our #BeFearless motto into our products, our content and our brand ethics. However; being fearless isn't an overnight achievement and it can take time, commitment and self love. Being bold, confident and unapologetically yourself should be something we all strive for every day. 

Whether it's embracing new opportunities, learning to see the brighter side of life or giving yourself that daily pep talk in the mirror, we are here to give you some tips on how to #BeFearless all year long.

After all: "Life is too short to be someone else" 

Tip 1 - Surround Yourself with Other Fearless Friends

Creating a bubble of positivity amongst your friends, family and colleagues can really help to spur you in the right direction. Make sure you have your own team of cheerleaders and boss babes both in real life and online and keep your mind inspired and motivated

Tip 2 - Set Yourself Some Goals 

Whether it's learning a new skill, academic grades or that extra rep the next time you to the gym, set yourself some achievable goals. Once you know that you can achieve these goals it will motivate you to fearlessly move onto the next challenge. 

Tip 3 - Learn to Say 'Yes' 

Even the things that we find most daunting and intimidating shouldn't become obstacles in our everyday life. Seize every opportunity that comes your way by simply saying 'yes'. If you begin to dismiss ideas and opportunities then situations will become too risky or impossible - don't let this happen and be fierce enough to say yes.

Tip 4 - Learn to Make Mistakes 

One thing we all fear is making mistakes no matter how big or small the mishaps may be. However; you're never going to learn anything new or build up your confidence if you're too scared to make a fool of yourself every now and then. Mistakes are all part of the learning process!

Tip 5 - Say Goodbye to Micro-Management 

Many of us are guilty of trying to control everything. It's hard to #BeFearless when you're micro managing every step of the process. Embrace spontaneity and go with the flow, this will then allow you to face the bigger issues as you free your mind from sweating the small stuff. 

Tip 6 - Try New Things

Whether it's meeting new people, trying new foods or going to a brand new gym class, trying something new is the perfect way to escape your comfort zone and #BeFearless. In the same way that 'saying yes' can make you feel confident, finally trying that new activity or saying hi to that stranger at the party is also a great way to embrace your brave side. 

Tip 7 - Write Down Your Weaknesses

Even though this seems like the opposite of 'Fearless',  working out what your fears truly are and jotting them down on paper is a great way to make your fears seem smaller and less significant. Realising that your fears can be written down and summarised makes it much easier to see them as conquerable. 

Tip 8 - Ask For Help

If you follow Tip 1 then you should be surrounded by the right kind of people to ask for help. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say and asking someone for help or advice is a scary enough task as it is. Achieving this step and reaching out to your fellow fearless peers will make you feel brave and knowledgable - and they may just know exactly what to say to make you feel better. 

Tip 9 - Find Your Fave Active Distraction

For some, feelings of fear and anxiety are dramatically reduced through exercise. Going for a run in the rain or doing a meditative yoga class reduces that buildup of fear and leaves you ready to face the day and whatever else life throws at you.  

Tip 10 - Embrace Change

Finally, when it comes to facing your fears and bossing your life, things are going to change all the time. Learning to embrace the change and take it all in your stride is a great skill. Life shifts as we get older, make new friends and achieve new goals and learning to adapt is a great way to fearlessly conquer the twists and turns.


There you have it, Elissa & Stef have given you some top tips on how to #BeFearless, but you must also put the work in yourself. This isn't an overnight process, but being yourself fearlessly should be a journey we all want to embark on!


Author: Ellie-Jo Johnstone 



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