World Heart Day - How To Improve Your Heart Health

Today is World Heart Day - World Heart Day is a global campaign that encourages families, communities and governments globally, to participate in activities to take charge of their heart health! 

World Heart Day was introduced by the World Heart Federation to globally raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart disease as they are globally the leading cause of death taking 18.6 million lives a year. 

At Elissa & Stef, we are advocates for health and fitness and we love to encourage you guys to get active and take care of your wellbeing. 

Here are three simple ways to improve your heart health. 

1. Exercise regularly

It doesn’t matter what exercise you choose to do whether it be running, boxing or swimming, so long as the physical activity increases your heart rate above resting. Exercise can strengthen the heart whilst reducing stress. As a beginner, note that you should always start slow and ask your doctor for advice on how to start safely. You can even exercise in style wearing activewear products from Elissa & Stef collections. 

2. Manage your blood pressure

High blood pressure can increase your chances of having a heart attack. It does not come with any symptoms, so it is important to get checked at least every 2 years. Ways to lower your blood pressure include reducing stress, eating healthy, exercising, minimising sodium consumption, and alcohol consumption. Again, always ask your doctor about efficiently managing your blood pressure. 

3. Stop smoking

When it comes to smoking, it is never too late to quit! Your blood pressure can return back to normal and your lung function can drastically improve after quitting. We know quitting is easier said than done so you can always ask your doctor for advice on how to move forward to quitting in a way that works best for you and your health. 

There are various other ways of improving your heart rate which you can look into; these are just our top 3. The heart is an extraordinary organ and it is important to look after it before something bad happens. Remember to always take care of your physical health! If you want to learn even more about World Heart Day visit

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