Black History Month 2021

Black History Month

In the UK, October is Black History Month.

At first, the month was established to acknowledge individuals of African and Caribbean backgrounds and celebrate their contribution to British society. However, over time the month came to celebrate black people in general.  It has been commemorated for over 30 years by the nation. 

The importance of Black History Month:

Black History Month allows for people to gain a better understanding of Black history from racism and slavery to Black achievements. Its purpose is to educate people to prevent discrimination by acknowledging the past so that racism cannot be ignored and to show people how past events have shaped British society today.

In education, most schools still teach a history curriculum focused on events and achievements of white figures. Black History Month allows for the opportunity to teach and celebrate black heritage. 

Black History Month 2021

Black Lives Matter 2021

The campaign for Black Month History’s 34th year is “proud to be” which encourages people of all ages to share what they are proud to be across social media. A focus has been placed on black British resistance to racism following the major Black Lives Matter protests that occurred in 2020. Across the UK, numerous events have been held to mark Black History Month.

How we relate to Black History Month

Elissa & Stef is a black owned apparel that is dedicated to empowering women through celebrating the diverse range of women shaping our world. Within the brand, we have launched Viada which is a celebration of the African heritage and the strength of the black women that inspired the creation of the brand. The design uses African and tribal inspired prints to pay tribute to the brands rich African heritage. 

How can you educate yourself on Black history?

Educate yourself

There are numerous resources available that you can find to better educate yourself on Black history. A good place to start could be checking out @blackhistory across social media platforms as they regularly share posts about key events and individuals. In addition to this, has detailed listings about Black history events which you may want to take the opportunity to visit.

Visit our Instagram @elissastef to see what other platforms you should check out to gain a better understanding of Black heritage and culture. 

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